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Breast La Vie Skincare 

Breast La Vie Breast Care Cream in pink jar packaging


Breast La Vie Cream is the ultimate breast cream packed with antioxidants and strong essential oils to support breast health and to fight free radicals. Crafted with vitamins A,C & E essential for cell generation and promoting circulation and with immune supporting ingredients that have anti-cancer properties to prevent tumor development, this combination inhibits the spread and proliferation of cells. The cream is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immune boosting, and induces apoptosis.



*Studies have shown to be beneficial with breast health as tumor suppressants and immune boosters.

Essential Oil Roller 

Breast La Vie oil has massive healing benefits for lumpectomy and mastectomy scars, wounds, cuts, bites, and skin spots. Rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals and antibacterial.

Breast La Vie Essential Oil Rollers in pink tube packaging on a gold leaf tray

Detox Clays 

Breast La Vie Activated Charcoal and Rosehip Underarm Detox Mask purifies pores and draws out toxins. This mask soothes sensitive skin, reduces oils, exfoliates dead cells and helps detox lymph nodes. 

This helpful underarm mask boots lymphatic circulation, balances ph, and reduces body odor. 

Natural Deodorant

Breast La Vie Vanilla Deodorant natural formula helps neutralize odor and absorbs wetness. Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens and phthalates. 


Bath Massage Oil

Breast La Vie bath soak and massage oil is packed with antioxidants and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. The oil flushes impurities, is anti-inflammatory, repairs skin damage and promotes skin elasticity. Lightly fragranced, our oil also helps with headaches and sore muscles and will leave you smelling beautiful. Apply directly onto skin or add into hot steam baths! 

Dry Brush

Breast La Vie Dry Brush helps to remove dead skin cells, reduces cellulite and aids in detoxification that is essential to stimulate the lymph system!


CBD Infused Cream and Oil

Breast La Vie CBD Infused products have the same incredible benefits as the cream and oils but also amplify analgesic (pain relieving) effects! 

Night Cream

Breast La Vie Night Cream helps to soothe sore muscles and muscle spasms. It relieves pain while helping with joint pain and arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory and increases magnesium while hydrating the skin. The smell of lavender helps to promote a deep relaxing sleep while healing. 


Night Oil

Breast La Vie Night Oil is perfect for a relaxing evening for the bath or massage. It promotes relaxation, anti-inflammatory and increases magnesium levels. This oil is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals while you sleep. 

Bath Salts

Breast La Vie Bath Salts- Frankincense Rose Lavender provides magnesium, promotes sleep, reduces stress, reduces pain and swelling while exfoliating and detoxing the skin! Plus it smells amazing! 

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