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Why I Started Breast La Vie. My story began 4 years ago...

Why I started Breast La Vie...

Breast La Vie is very dear to my heart. While putting on my bra four years ago, I felt a small lump around the upper quad of my left breast. It was new and different. My grandmother had passed away from breast cancer, I knew what it was. I believed I was BRCA positive. I had no idea how to get a test or where to even begin with this new lump.

I waited to see if it would go away but it didn't. Finally I went to my doctor and the process moved fairly quickly with a series of appointments and tests. Finally two days before Christmas, I got a call to confirm it was breast cancer. For a few days I cried a lot. Then it hit me that I needed to do as much research to prepare myself for this phase of my life. Knowledge made me feel empowered.

During this journey, I searched for organic breast skincare products but didn't find any that truly supported breast tissue. i decided to start my own!

I also want to share my story, if you feel anything new to go to your doctor immediately. If they are dismissive or won't order the correct tests tell them you will find a doctor that will and go find that great caring doctor!

I hope Breast La Vie provides relief for breast cancer patients and those who want to be aware of their breast tissue.

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With the unfortunate passing of Chrissy on December 20th, Breast La Vie will be continuing to ship orders. Her father will be doing what he can to keep the business going in her honor.


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